Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, Film Clubbers, it's that time of year again. When Jim & Dan go mollymooching -- the hunt for the elusive morel.

This year, as always, Jim had a THEORY about where to find these delicious mushroom -- the first things up in the Spring. Since fresh morels are on sale at the Charleston Farmer's market -- 5 for $16 -- the reward is tremendous!

Jim's theory -- as always -- involves a LOT of stenuous hiking. I mean, if it were EASY everyone would be doing it, right?! I must admit that, this year, JIM WAS RIGHT!!! Even Kathy & Kim got in on the morels this year following Jim's theories.

Jim & Dan had equal success & brought back more morels than ever before! This resulted in a delicious morel dinner with Ca' da Bosco sparkling wine & a 2005 Kistler Chardonnay to complement Kathy's excellent dish of chicken with morels. Fresh asparagus straight from the garden & roasted in Kathy's special soffritto just added to the feast!

The icy cold winter combined with a very wet spring made it a banner year for the morels. Many ask us, 'Where did you find more than 300 of those tasty morels, fellows?' Our answer is right to the point: 'Oh, somewhere up north in MICHIGAN! You should head up there right away before they are all gone!!!'


AC said...

Eating our hearts ot! Ann & Rodger

AC said...

Meant "out" AC

Dan O'Hanlon said...

from Judge Hobby Spaulding:
Dan - I enjoyed your mushroom
hunting blog. It looked to me more like Wayne County than Michigan.

Dan O'Hanlon said...

from Raamie Barker:
George always goes mushroom hunting and gets a pot full of them, he knows exactly where to go and yet does not invite his brother to help eat them or reveal where he goes to get them and he does not have to hike very far back inot the woods behind his house. At those prices it is a shame to eat them. You are a man of varied yet sophisticated interests --- see you Thursday.

Dan O'Hanlon said...

from Viki Hutchinson:
Watched a show on Travel Channel about this. Very interesting, and my kind of huntin'!!!

Dan O'Hanlon said...

from Ken Cole:
MMMMM I haven't had any in a few years. Dan, how do you fix them?

Dan O'Hanlon said...

from Dr. Rodger Blake:

I am glad to hear of your sucess. I'll be leavin' for Michigan today.


Dan O'Hanlon said...

from Barbara Wills:
Judge - My brother lives in West Hamlin and has a farm there. He recently gathered a lot of morels and brought them to me and my two sisters who live here in Huntington. How sweet of him! This is a marvelous delicacy which I enjoyed as a child growing up in Lincoln County on a farm. I shared a few of mine with Deb Webb and Courtney Johnson (neither of them had ever had them).

Dan O'Hanlon said...

the great Morel Man himself, Jim Becker, wrote:
Kathy and Dan,

That was a great dinner! Many thanks. The pairing of the sparkling and the Kistler with the foods was perfect.

You don't get asparagus like that anywhere.

We'll see what happens through the week and let the weather dictate future morel forays.